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    Two projects invested and built by Sunway have been listed as key projects in Leshan City in 2023
    The number of browse:80The Publishing time:2023-03-20

    On March 16, Wang Kaiqiang, the second-level inspector of Leshan City and the leader of the social undertakings and people's livelihood supervision group of the city's key project leading group, visited Sunway Co., Ltd. to visit and investigate the construction of key projects of the enterprise, accompanied by Shen Zhifei, Party Secretary and deputy general manager of the Company. It is reported that the Special Cable Industrial Park project invested and constructed by Anhui Sunway Cable Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sunway Co., Ltd., and the 100,000-ton Energy Storage Battery Negative Electrode Material Integration Project invested and constructed by Sunway Co., Ltd., jointly with China Conch Venture Holding Co., Ltd., have been successfully listed in the list of key projects in Leshan City in 2023.