Bergen County Couple Start Family and Harvard John and I first met as high school students in Bergen County, New Jersey. We were married in 1990 and moved into our first apartment together in South Bend, Indiana, excited about our future and eager to start our new life. John was finishing up law school and we settled down in Indianapolis. Our first baby, John Jr., was born in December 1995. A Christmas baby! Together, the three of us moved to Boston as John entered Harvard Business School to pursue an MBA.  (He seemed to go to a lot of schools back then…!). As John walked on stage to collect his diploma in 1997, he took our newborn daughter Megan up with him. Our youngest son, Patrick, completed our family in 1998, while we were living in San Francisco for a year. Life changed abruptly in March of 1998 when we were told that Megan (then 15 months old) and Patrick (then just a few days old), had a rare and nearly always fatal form of muscuslar dystrophy called “Pompe Disease.”  We had never heard of it and there was no history in our families as we were “recessive” carriers for Pompe. Pompe changed our lives forever, but we are blessed in so many ways. We spend our days like every other family – smiling and laughing, doing the best we can in good times and in bad.  And more than anything, enjoying time with each other. John and I have dedicated ourselves to finding newer and better treatments for Pompe, and while medical research advances every day, the best we can do is love each and every moment we have with our family (as you can see in our photo album!). Please visit the links page to learn more about Pompe Disease and the United Pompe Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting families struggling with the disease. Crowley Family Christmas Crowley Adventure Vacation Genetic Disorders Home About Meet the Crowleys Extraordinary Measures Stay Connected Charitable Links Contact Us About the Crowleys Meet the Crowleys Extraordinary Measures - The Movie Stay connected with the Crowleys Crowley Charitable Links Contact the Crowleys Chasing Miracles Chasing Miracles - The Book FOLLOW US: The Cure - The Book Books about the Crowleys Contact the Crowleys About the Crowleys